Well, according to our timetable, February is indeed the first month of 2011. For those following our blog, our Facebook page or our company Twitter account, you’ll notice that there were no updates on any during the month of January.

Tut tut, we hear you say … an Online Marketing company not updating their own profiles. How very dare they!

Thankfully we have very good reason. It’s been a very pleasing, if not incredibly chaotic, start to 2011 and January brought with it several highlights for Aillum and its growth as a company.

Without going into too much detail, January resulted in Aillum taking on another few exciting clients, making an appearance in the Gazette newspaper, attending and contributing to our first Industrial Advisory Board meeting for the University of the West of Scotland, discussing a number of interesting collaborations with likeminded companies, providing significant input into a new Renfrewshire focused Internet Project, and more.

We now intend getting back to our more frequent posting schedule and look forward to chatting with you all throughout 2011.

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