We help clients do better in search. Whether it’s Pay Per Click search (such as AdWords) or Organic search, we can apply our analytical approach to new and existing search marketing projects to ensure your business is focusing its budget on a search strategy that will work.

Pay Per Click Search

PPC (Pay Per Click) search provides significant opportunities for business of all size. As well as the available growth in traffic, it can also be used as a keyword research tool to help bolster your strategy in other online channels such as organic search and social media.

What’s more, each PPC campaign is fully controllable, allowing you to really refine who you target and how much you spend. If you only want to spend £2 per day, that’s all you have to spend!

While a number of businesses do try their hand at Google Adwords, we often find a number of them don’t use any of the key features that can really impact performance.

PPC Review

Unsure whether you’re doing all you can to drive performance from your AdWords account? Our review will look at all aspects of your PPC account, from keyword & Ad setup to budgets and advanced features, providing you with insights into current performance and opportunities available to improve it. Just contact us to arrange.

Self Management or Outsourced Management?

Often a big decision when it comes to Google AdWords. Do you manage the campaign yourself, or do you get someone else to do it? We can help in both scenarios. If you prefer to manage it yourself, we can provide training and guidance to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the features that can impact performance. If time is an issue, then we can take over the management of the campaign, working closely with you, to ensure performance improves.

New to Google AdWords? We have Free Credit Vouchers to giveaway!

Never used Google AdWords before? Then why not give it a test? We take regular delivery of free credit vouchers from Google, to be used when opening new Google AdWords accounts. Allow Aillum to setup your new campaign, and we’ll provide one of our vouchers offering £50 – £100 of free AdWords spend. Contact us to arrange.

Organic Search

Organic search, particularly Google, has changed a lot in recent times. You’ll possibly have heard of Panda algorithm updates, Penguin algorithm updates and more. Such updates by Google are basically focused on ensuring quality sites out rank lower quality sites. The quality measure, in this instance, can take account of uniqueness and relevance of content on the site, volume / quality of links to the site and page load speeds, amongst other items.

The changes by Search Engines to try and promote quality have truly turned “SEO” into a channel that requires patience, long term planning and strong relationship between all those involved.

Our Organic Search Marketing service aims at making sure all the foundations are in place for your site, while providing guidance for longer term development.

We’ll review your site, looking at various technical areas (meta tags, content, page load speeds etc) as well as using our Analytical approach to find potential opportunities from Analytics and other relevant tools, pulling together a plan of action for you to improve your organic search performance.

Our view about basic setup for search is quite simple. To use an analogy we offer to most clients …

A Ferrari might be a fast car, but it’s not going anywhere with flat tyres!

Likewise, your site might look great, but it’s not going to rank higher if you’ve not removed the barriers.

Our job is to help you understand those barriers and to help you fix them, giving your site the longer term potential to grow in organic search.