By far the most widely used Paid Search engine around, Google AdWords generates impressions and clicks for all size of business across the world. From small local services, to global online retailers, AdWords has a reputation of being able to drive quality traffic to websites, resulting in leads, sales, downloads, signups and more for those who use it.

Successful? Unsuccessful? Not even started?

Use of Google AdWords, or any PPC platform for that matter, generally falls into one of three categories in our experience:

  1. Beginners: Those who haven’t used it, simply because of worry about associated costs, and confusion over all the settings / features they’ve heard about.
  2. Beginners – Intermediate: Those who have tried it, but ran out of time or got lost amongst the various features and settings within the AdWords interface.
  3. The savvy: Those who are using it successfully to drive leads for their business.

Beginners and Intermediate are the most common. If you fall into category three, well done! If you fall into category one or two, don’t worry! Let’s arrange a coffee to chat through your Google AdWords experience so far!

Until we have that coffee …

How Aillum can help you with Google AdWords?

We provide AdWords assistance to companies across the UK, from beginner level to savvy level.

From helping beginners setup and get started with AdWords, to further improving performance of those who’ve already had some success, we work with clients to help them:

  • Understand how AdWords generally works.
  • Structure Campaign / AdGroups for efficient performance.
  • Appreciate the impact of robust keyword research and management.
  • Generate and test varying types of Ad content.
  • Discover and use the more advanced features of AdWords.
  • Get their heads around the volume of reporting available, and how to use the data from those reports to continually refine their AdWords campaigns.

The Google AdWords tool is huge. There is a lot to learn. There are a significant number of features and settings that can impact cost and performance. We help clients figure it all out.

Self Management or Outsourced Management?

Often a big decision when it comes to Google AdWords. Do you manage the campaign yourself to save money, or do you get someone else to do it? We can help in both scenarios. If you prefer to manage it yourself, we can provide training and consultancy to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the features that can impact performance. If time is an issue, then we can take over the management of the campaign, working closely with you, to ensure performance continues to improve.

Where to begin?

We like coffee. You saw the invite to coffee above didn’t you? So let’s start there. A quick informal chat is often the best way to get a better understanding of where you are at in terms of Google AdWords. How you feel about it, what you’ve tried, any concerns you have and so on.

Book an AdWords Audit / Review / Health Check

We want you to be confident about working with us. We’re sure we can help improve your Google AdWords performance, but we want you to be sure as well. That’s why we offer potential new clients an initial AdWords Audit (or review, or health check, depending on your preferred terminology!).

Our Google AdWords audit involves a fairly quick run through of your account against what we regard as some of the key points of AdWords. It will provide you an initial overview of how we feel your account is setup, how much work there is to do, where you’re doing well, where you’re lacking and so on. So that you can decide how to proceed.

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