Custom Reports: 4 Reasons You Should Be Using Them

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Custom Reports within Google Analytics are incredibly useful for interpreting your data from raw, meaningless numbers, into productive, valuable information. While Google Analytics has a good amount of pre-defined reports that are available all the time, these display information and data in the same format each time, unless we tweak it ourselves each and every … Read the full post >

Tracking Bing Ads within Google Analytics – Free Custom Report!

Bing Ads

If you try to promote your website via organic search, and you use Google Analytics to monitor site traffic, you’ll probably be well aware that Google generally drives far more traffic than any of the other organic search engines, such as Bing or Ask. The same balance of traffic generating power also exists within Paid … Read the full post >

Delivering Google Analytics Training at New Start Scotland and 29 Socially

New Start Scotland

If you’re a startup business, a young business or a business looking to grow, you’ll no doubt be aware of the various events organised to help provide you with information on a range of topics, from getting to grips with Social Media and online marketing, to sourcing useful tools such as those for online accountancy. … Read the full post >

Breaking down your Paid Search Campaigns to compare Hourly Performance

Seems a simple enough exercise, but how many actually do it? Did you know that Google AdWords allows you to schedule and automate your campaigns throughout the week? Not only to schedule days and hours within which your campaigns should run, but also to schedule Cost Per Click increases/decreases and budget increases/decreases for specific days … Read the full post >