Google Search Operators – 5 Useful Ways to Refine your Searches in Google

Google Search Operators

The topic of Search Operators has come up a number of times in recent conversations with colleagues and clients, through some general chat about search. As a result, we’ve learned that a lot of people don’t know what search operators are, let alone the volume of them that exist, or how they can help refine … Read the full post >

Google adds Mobile Usability Suggestions to Page Speed Tool


If you have a website, you’re hopefully aware of the free Page Speed Tool offered by Google to help site owners optimise their websites for better loading speeds. It provides feedback and recommendations on everything from optimising images, to minifying CSS and HTML. We provided an overview of the Google Page Speed tool back in … Read the full post >

How Fast Does your Website Load? Find out via Google PageSpeed Insights!

PageSpeed Insights

You visit a website and it loads super fast. You visit another and it loads super slow. You visit your own, and it may fall somewhere in between. You wonder what can cause such a difference in loading times, running through various questions in your head – “Is it because one site is bigger than … Read the full post >