Do you want to know your CPC from your CTR? Your AdGroups from your Campaigns? Your Broad Match from your Phrase Match? Or, perhaps you just want to know enough about Google Adwords (or your preferred PPC tool) to be able to drive up performance and lower cost?

No matter your purpose, we can help.

Improved knowledge could save you Money!

If you’re already trying to use Google AdWords, then you could find that gaining a better understanding of it could result in significant costs savings for you and your business.

For instance …

  • An improved knowledge of features, settings and tactics should allow you to make changes that impact CTR and Quality Score which, in turn, should ultimately result in a more efficient daily budget.
  • Being able to manage, maintain and develop your Adwords campaigns yourself would mean spending less money on management fees for companies like us!

What you do with those savings is up to you and your business. Put the money directly towards additional Adwords spend budgets? Allocate it to another part of the business? Keep it in the bank for a rainy day?

AdWords Training tailored to your needs

Many people have a slightly different training need when it comes to AdWords. For some it’s more technical, for others it’s a basic understanding. For others it’s a hand holding through the full setup process.

As such, the content of our training is tailored to what YOU need. We’ll also tailor the timing of the course to suit your needs. If you’d prefer one single session, or several smaller sessions, we’ll aim to fit it around you.

What’s included in the Google AdWords Training?

As above, training is tailored to your needs, so it will include everything we feel helps you meet those needs. In general, you can expect to cover topics such as:

  • Account structures (campaigns and AdGroups)
  • Keyword match types and keyword research.
  • Ad development
  • Campaign Scheduling.
  • Automation
  • Ad Extensions
  • Shared libraries
  • Content network v search network.
  • Reporting.
  • Terminology overview.
  • Benefits of Synchronisation with other Google Tools.

Follow up & Refresher sessions … Just in case!

Some people request training simply so that they can know more about AdWords. Others request training so that they can take on management of their own campaigns. Unfortunately not everyone finds the time to continue practicing what they’ve learned, meaning campaigns suffer and knowledge reduces.

As such, we offer follow up / refresher sessions just incase!

These can be a complete re-run of your initial training, or can take the shape of a Q&A session to get you back up to speed on certain topics.

Q&A sessions are often smaller, so we’re happy to run these online for you, through Skype or Google+ Hangouts.

You could be eligible for funding!

Funding for training can be applied for via the Skills Development Scotland Flexible Training Opportunities.
SDS are currently offering to refund up to 50% of each episode of employee training up to a maximum of £500 for each employee.

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