The unsung hero (in our humble opinion!) of the digital age. Web Analytics provides clear and objective data which you can use to generate an actionable task list focused on improving performance of your business online.

Whether it’s analysing user behaviour, comparing channel performance, drilling down into more detail about actual keyword performance, segmenting data to find best converting audiences, scrutinising landing pages or just simply to see how mobile impacts on your lead generation, Web Analytics can keep you busy for a long time.

People are often put off drilling into their Analytics simply because of a fear of information overload. “Where do I start?”, “What do I do?” and “How do I know what reports to look at?” are among the most common questions we’re asked when introducing new clients to the Analytical way of thinking about their online projects.

Our job is to help those clients understand how Web Analytics can be used, not as a tool that should be feared, but as a tool that can drive accountability, efficiency and performance improvement.

OK, tell me some of the benefits of using Web Analytics?

As well as the reports that most people have heard of (visits, bounce rates, time on site etc), did you know that other benefits of REALLY using Web Analytics include:


Don’t worry about always having to click through numerous reports. Create your own customised dashboard with all your key reports summarised on one page.

Custom Reports

Can’t get the breakdown of information you need from the basic reports? Create your very own and save it or share it.


Record and share notes such as site changes, budget changes, campaign changes and so on. An under used feature, but one which can be hugely beneficial if used properly.

Alerts and Intelligence

Setup automatic notifications and regular email delivery of reports, meaning you don’t have to login to Analytics every day to get key information.

Site Speed Analysis

Make sure your site is loading at a reasonable speed, and find out what issues might be impacting load times.

Event Tracking

Track how many times people click on all those social buttons, adverts and links to external sites that you have on your site.

Mobile Tracking

Not just whether you get visits from mobile users, but which device they used, how they behaved compared to desktop users and more.


Sync directly with other Google Tools such as AdWords or Webmaster Tools for even more insight.

Got your attention yet?

Our Web Analytics input will help ensure your tracking is setup to track what needs to be tracked, as well as educating you on the various other features that could benefit your business and your time.