We code, and we think we do it pretty well. We’ve extensive experience in the development of websites and related items, from simple tweaks & setup of eCommerce websites, to optimisation of mailshot templates & mobile sites.

While we’re flexible in the development assistance we offer, we’ve found over time that projects generally fall into one of the following categories of work:

1) Platform specific web development

We’re regularly asked to work on websites that have been built on specific platforms such as WordPress, Zencart and Magento (amongst others). This work can range from integrating new designs and structures into the existing system, tweaking existing functionality and creating customised functionality based on the clients needs.

2) Development based on Analytic observations

We love data and we help clients find potential opportunities in their online efforts using Web Analytics, Heat Mapping and a general Analytic approach. This often results in recommendations for change. Whether it’s improving landing pages, improving navigation, altering calls-to-action, implementing new features or making site load speed improvements, much of the work requires a level of development.

3) Responsive Website Development

Mobile is growing whether people like it or not, and more and more people are looking to ensure their websites are optimised as much as possible for mobile devices. We lean towards developing responsive versions of websites (though other options do exist). Responsive websites essentially use the same core files to run across different devices, with clever CSS used to manipulate the view on each of those devices. No mobile sub domains, no duplicate mobile pages etc. We can build responsive websites as part of the core site build, or we can upgrade existing sites to be responsive. As part of our Responsive Development, we also offer technical assistance with page load speeds, to ensure your responsive site not only looks good on mobile, but loads fast!

4) Development of additional channels

In times gone by, a single website was all people wanted. Nowadays there are many more opportunities to make an impression on potential customers – whether it’s customers using mobile devices, customers checking email or avid facebook users. As such, we can help clients develop on those additional channels, from developing mobile versions of sites to building customised Facebook landing pages!

5) Development from scratch

Sometimes people just haven’t had the chance to get online yet. Don’t worry. We’ve setup a number of websites from scratch for clients, including assistance with domains and hosting, choosing the best platform, helping with content and structure, setting up tracking and more.