• Who we like this week: Action Method and The Online Print Company

    14th October 2010

    Consider this our version of Twitters Follow Friday, or our version of “pass it on”, or even more simply, our way of giving back to the world (although that makes it sound a little heavenly – which it isn’t really).

    This is our way of giving some kudos to those who have given us reason to smile during the working week, to let you know who they are. Simple as that. You never know, you might even find that you can use their service as well. We often tweeted our Kudos, but now that we finally have our blog up and running, we don’t have to squeeze said kudos into 140 characters.

    So, who made us smile this week?

    Action Method (www.actionmethod.com):

    We initially tried Action Method over 1 month ago. We wanted to find an alternative to a project management tool we were already using. We heard about this and activated our trial. We then debated the pros and cons, before signing up to the paid version.

    Action Method is a project / task management tool based on Action Steps. Action Steps are all those tasks, big and small, that you need to get done. It includes project level functionality, discussion functionality and storage for contacts, references and so on. It allows date targeting, email alerts and much more. Most importantly, it is seriously user friendly.

    We know there are other tools out there, but this particular tool put a smile on our faces this week for two main reasons.

    1)    Its web based system, Desktop App and Iphone App allow for endless access and sync. We don’t have to be online to view tasks and we don’t have to be near a PC to add new tasks. We can delete, review, re-prioritise and add new tasks whenever we want, wherever we are – and it’s incredibly easy to do so.

    2)    While not the highlight feature technically, we do rather like the fact that Action Method promotes nagging. It provides daily alerts for overdue tasks and provides tools to ‘nag’ others about tasks they haven’t finished. The effectiveness of this was recently (not to mention bravely) compared by Brian (founder at Aillum) to “having the wife in the room”. The Foolish man made the comparison on his Twitter of all places.

    The Online Print Company (www.theonlineprintcompany.co.uk):

    Like Action Method, we gave The Online Print Company a go to see if they could provide a better service than our previous suppliers. The service they deliver is in the name, so we signed up for some business cards after a referral at a recent event we’d attended.

    1 week later, our new business cards arrived. To say we are happy is an understatement. The quality is fantastic and we’ll definitely be posting a follow up order. Specifically what made us smile was the delivery speed. The cards arrived yesterday, but according to the dates we were given, weren’t meant to arrive for at least another 5 or 6 days.

    So, Action Method and The Online Print Company are our recommendation for services to check out this week when you get 5 minutes.