Aillum was setup for one fairly simple purpose: to help businesses get the most from their online efforts. The company was setup in 2010, and has been doing just that ever since.

Is Aillum just another agency?

No. We can and do help with a range of online channels the same as other agencies, but our core focus is data. We do as much as possible with numbers. We track things. We make things accountable. We analyse things. We test things. We provide objective recommendations based on what we’ve learned. Then we start the process again.

We don’t try and shape or force your business to fit into any specific promotional channel. Rather, we look at what could be best for your business through analysis of data, and prioritise any resulting promotional changes or developments around your business objectives and budgets.

How does the Aillum / Client relationship work?

A lot of it works on trust. We’re transparent in all that we do, and give clients the same access (where possible) to the same reports we look at. Our specific working relationships change from client to client, but they’re largely based on what suits the client.

Whether a client wants to fully outsource the work to us, or whether they’d prefer we just offer advice and opinion while they learn to do the hands on work themselves, we’re happy to help.

Where is Aillum based?

Our office is within the historic Mile End Mill building in Paisley. The digital age makes client communication much easier, so there is no need for us to have an expensive city centre base. This means we can be a bit more generous with client costs because we don’t have city centre overheads. It also means we don’t have to get stuck in traffic every morning getting to the office! The result being that we service clients across the UK, from Glasgow to London.

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