Google Analytics 4 Training

From business owners and digital marketing teams, to business development and designers, we encourage a data driven approach to improving your business online.

Our Google Analytics 4 Training can help you do just that.

1-2-1 Google Analytics Training

Whether it’s your own small business, or you’re part of a bigger team, our 1-2-1 sessions are dedicated to helping you. Ask all the questions you want, get answers, and feel more comfortable within the Google Analytics 4 interface.

Group Google Analytics Training

Popular with marketing and content teams, as well as developers and managers. Our group sessions lead to discussions, better understanding and real examples of how Google Analytics can be used to improve digital performance.

Ongoing Analytics Training

Determined to improve your internal use of Google Analytics 4? We offer a consultancy / training service to help facilitate your learning longer term. Contact us to discuss your needs.

No matter your level, our Google Analytics 4 Training is customised for you!

Complete Beginner? A “kind of use it, but know I should use it more” user? A more advanced user? No matter your level, we customise our Google Analytics training to suit the needs of you and your organisation. Our goal is to get you using it to improve online, so we’ll build your training to suit your levels.

Although customised, our sessions commonly include discussions around the following …