Website Audit

Helping you better understand optimisation opportunities to drive engagement!

If you’re looking to improve the contribution your website and digital marketing make to your business, it’s important to firstly understand what is or isn’t working. From that, you can develop an ongoing improvement plan.

What does the website review and recommendation service cover?

Our review process is designed to get you started on your improvement journey, and therefor focuses on 5 key areas: Tracking Setup, Technical SEO Setup, Usability / User Experience, Conversion Optimisation and providing recommendations. Essentially we want to help you answer the following questions:

Do we have the ability to know where traffic comes from, how users behave and what causes users to convert?

Are there core issues stopping us from potentially ranking higher, or more often, in search engines?

Is the website easy to understand and use? Can users find their way around?

Are calls to action and engagement points as clear as possible, and conversion funnels user friendly?

Not Techy? Don’t worry!

We appreciate not everyone needs to know (or wants to know!) the techy jargon behind SEO, Analytics, Usability etc. Our review will highlight what’s wrong, but we’ll explain it in a way that actually allows you to understand it and address it.

1. Tracking Setup Audit

Data is going to be key to your improvement going forward. Understanding which traffic sources, device categories, landing pages etc are used the most is incredibly valuable. Even more valuable is being able to understand which combinations of those (and other elements) result in users converting or leaving.

The Analytics part of our review focuses on understanding what tools you do (or don’t!) currently have setup (such as Google Analytics), alongside your use of them, and providing recommendations for improvement.

Google Analytics 4 Conversion Tracking
Technical SEO

2. Technical SEO Setup Review

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a big topic and an ongoing job! There are so many factors considered when search engines decide where to rank your web pages against others (Page 1? Page 5? Page 10?). It’s often the case that site owners get too focused on 1 or 2 factors, potentially missing some real issues in the background which are stopping progress.

The SEO part of our audit looks at a number of those factors, highlighting where issues exist and providing recommendations for improvement.

3. Usability / User Experience (UX)

You’ve managed to get users to the website, but is the website easy to use?

The phrase “Can’t see the woods for the trees” is quite apt when it comes to running a website. As site owners, we can often assume all is OK, or over focus on the wrong elements of the page, potentially missing some really obvious User Experience issues.

We’ll look at various Usability factors and let you know if potential issues exist.

User Experience
Google Analytics 4 Conversion Tracking

4. Conversion Optimisation

How geared up is your website to drive conversions? Do you know what your main conversions are? Or even your secondary conversions? Are there factors stopping users completing those conversions? Have you tested those?

As part of our website review, we’ll look at the conversion ability of your site and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement.

What will you, the customer, receive at the end of the review?

Every website audit tends to have a different outcome. Each website performs better / worse in different areas than others. No two sites are the same.

Regardless of how well or poorly your website does in our review, you’ll be provided a final report which includes a checklist of factors we’ve tested and reviewed. You’ll also be provided more detailed feedback on specific factors where relevant.

Appreciating that some points will be new to you, or need more explaining, we’ll also arrange a call to talk through the findings.

Some of our clients, past and present

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a long list of companies from across the UK and beyond. From small startups to established organisations, we work to build trusting relationships.

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