A visual way of understanding how visitors behave and interact with key landing pages on your website.

While tools such as Web Analytics can provide similar data (and much more!), they do so in a far more detailed way. Heat Mapping, on the other hand, provides a very quick method of seeing how people interact on a page using clear visuals.

Heat Mapping can often provide very quick insight into whether people are paying attention to key elements of a page. Are they clicking the high priority button? Are they scrolling down to read specific content? Are visitors from certain promotional channels behaving differently to others?

At the very least, using Heat Mapping can help put some priority on your more inpdeth use of Web Analytics.

What sorts of visuals are available with this service?

Heat Mapping

A visual overlay of your chosen page, using heat spots to highlight where people click. A simple premise using a coloured spectrum, with warmer colours highlighting where most people clicked, and colder colours showing the areas where fewer people clicked.

Scroll Mapping

Similar to the coloured spectrum approach of heat mapping, but specifically focused on recording how people scroll on your page. A good way to see if certain elements of your page even make it into the users view.

Scatter / Confetti Mapping

A more details version of the heat mapping, showing specifically where people clicked, with the option to filter clicks by traffic source i.e. compare clicks from organic search visitors with visitors from other sites.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Why not try it free of charge for a short time? We’re happy to setup a small trial for you (100% free of charge!), allowing you to see for yourself what information you can gather. If you like what you see from the trial, then we can upgrade you.

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