• A/B Testing

A method to compare variations of your web pages in a live environment. Perform tests to find out what impact changes will have before committing to them permanently.

What is A/B Testing?

In short, it is a testing process that allows you to compare how two versions of the same web page by having both display to different visitors at the same time. By comparing the variants of the web page, you can see which of the two performs better. This method is used to make practical changes to your website objectively, which saves on unnecessary design costs, development time and prevents superficial changes that may end up having a negative impact on your website.

Reduced Risks

Changing parts of your website can be expensive and may complicate or break things. A/B Testing effectively allows you to preview your planned changes before you implement them fully.

Higher Conversion Rates

Perhaps that buy button could be bigger, or more prominent? Increase the rate of conversions by testing and making changes that emphasise your services. A/B test it and find out.

Quick Analysis

The results of an A/B test are fast and easy to analyse. If there are differences in results, your can decide which page wins for each individual goal.

Improved Content

Testing new content with A/B testing ensures that content you add to your website is better than before, improving your content over time with no downside.

Cost Effective

Compared to other tools, if you have website traffic already then A/B testing is a very cheap way of increasing your conversions and performance.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Creating content for your website costs both effort and time. By deploying more engaging content that has been tested, visitors are less likely to leave after arriving.

How can we help you?

We can assist you in setting up Google Optimise (or another A/B Testing tool) to prepare your website for running comparison tests. We will look over your website, and provide a review about what we think would be worth exploring as potential changes. This can be from something such as resizing headers or images, adding new content such as videos, to completely re-designing a page within the limits of the A/B testing capabilities. After the test has ran successfully, we’ll go over the results with you in detail, pointing out what worked and what did not work, and finally recommend what changes should be made.

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