The Analytics Starter Pack

Getting you started in the world of website analytics & online tracking without the hassle!

Tracking setup? … uurrrgh! We know website Analytics setup can be a major headache for a lot of businesses. Our Analytics Starter pack is designed with you in mind, to get you over that setup hurdle and gently introduce you to the benefits of tracking!

What’s Included in the Analytics Starter Pack?

Google Analytics Setup

We’ll ensure Google Analytics is installed and correctly setup on your website, giving you access to basic metrics.

Goals & Conversions

Basic goal conversion setup, including form submissions, social media clicks, clicks to call and more.

Digital Training and Consultancy
A/B Testing

An introduction to the potential power of A/B testing, with 1 test setup and run for you.

Heat Mapping Reports

We’ll introduce you to Heat Mapping, with visual reports on user interaction on 2 pages of your website.

Search Engine Tracking

Setup of keyword tracking tools to help you better understand what you do and don’t rank for in search engines.

Who is the Analytics Starter Pack for?

Ideal for beginners who haven’t used website analytics before and want to jump right in AND for those who already understand the importance of tracking, but don’t know where to start.

We’ll setup everything included in the pack to get you over the initial hurdles of starting web analytics, then point you in the right direction to begin improving your website performance, digital marketing and business online for the future.

Analytics Starter Pack Contents

Below are more details on what we include in our web analytics starter pack.

Google Analytics & Tag Manager Setup

We’ll ensure the basics of Google Analytics and Tag Manager are installed on your website.

If you don’t already have them installed, we’ll help you do that. If you do already have them installed, we’ll ensure the basics have been set up correctly.

The purpose here is to ensure you are getting good, clean and accurate data on which further decisions can be made!

Basic Setup of Google Analytics
Basic Setup of Tag Manager

Goals & Conversion Tracking Setup

It’s important you understand what is driving those important conversions on your website. We know “Goal” setup can be a real challenge for those new to Google Analytics. The purpose here is to get you over that barrier and setup the most important conversions for you.

Form submission Tracking
Newsletter sign up Tracking
Tracking Click to call & email
Tracking Clicks to Social Channels
Tracking Clicks on Downloads

2 Heat Mapping Reports

Heat Maps offer a visual overview of how users interact with key pages on your website. They help you quickly identify hot and cold spots on your website. By identifying website issues that are difficult to spot with just numbers and reports, heat maps are a vital part of your website analytics. To get you started, we’ll set up following heat maps as part this pack …

Your Homepage: The first landing page for many of your website visitors and a key location to check performance.
One Other Page: We’ll help you pick a suitable page for a second heat map, such as a product page or services page and test its performance.

Organic Search Engine Keyword Tracking

Better understand how visible your website is across search engines. Learn what search terms your website ranks for, how often it ranks and in what positions. To get you started, we’ll help you setup …

Google Search Console: To provide insight into search queries and performance from the world’s biggest search engine, Google.
Bing Webmaster Tools: For an alternative perspective to Google, and some added learning about user search behaviours.

An introduction to A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the most powerful techniques available online to improve website performance, letting you test different headlines, different images, different buttons and more, and providing insights into which worked best. As part of the web analytics starter pack, we’ll … We’ll set up one suitable A/B test on your website.

Setup Google Optimize on your website
Create and activate 1 A/B Test
Integrate with Google Analytics so you can see the outcomes

Need more than just a starter pack?

If you are looking for more than an introduction to website analytics, we provide all kinds of digital improvement services, from digital marketing analysis & improvement, dedicated website analytics training, website performance recommendations and training on any of the tools we use. Have any questions? Get in touch with us today!

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