•  Google Tag Manager

A versatile online tagging tool that lets you setup more detailed tracking without having to rely on developers. Track Phone Calls, PDF Downloads, Social Buttons and more!

What is Google Tag Manager?

Adding tracking to your website can be a daunting task, especially if you have little or no prior experience with programming code. Or perhaps if your website is managed by a web host who makes all the changes on your behalf. Google Tag Manager simplifies this, allowing you to build tags and triggers to track all kinds of interactions. No coding is required and changes are only made on the Tag Manager platform, independent of your website. This has the advantage that if you change your website, by updating pages, or adding new content, the tracking will remain intact and functional.

Document Download Tracking

Record when and where documents and files on your website are downloaded, such as PDFs, Text Documents, and more.

Social Button Tracking

Learn exactly where on your website people visit your social media channels from, and track them all with a single tag.

Powerful Debug Tools

Preview your work and changes to make sure everything works first, before publishing it live to your website. Advanced debugging to find problems fast.

Video Interactions

Understand how well your videos perform, by tracking video events such as play, pause, and how far into a video visitors watch.

Digital Training and Consultancy
Built-In Functionality

No knowledge of coding is required to create tags and triggers to track interactions on your website. Many built-in features can be combined to provide the tracking you need.

Customisation Options

Know a bit of code? Tag Manager supports custom tags and triggers, allowing you to program custom, advanced features.

How can we help you?

If you’ve never used Google Tag Manager before, we can set it up for you. This process would involve us discussing website content with you, finding out what you need, and implementing it. We also provide training on how to use the tool and it’s features. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as we can, to help you understand what is happening online, and why it is happening.

The Website Audit

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