• Heat Mapping

A visual guide to understanding how visitors behave on your website. Identify effective page content at a glance.

What does Heat Mapping do?

Sometimes, a visual picture of what is happening is a lot more useful than tables of numbers and calculations. Heat Mapping can highlight hot spots on your website, where visitors interact most often. Conversely, it can also highlight features of your website that aren’t working as intended. This can give you some quick wins on deciding how to improve your website performance and functionality.


Heat mapping can visually highlight what content on your website is popular, or what content is being ignored by your visitors.

Scroll Mapping

See directly how people navigate your pages, how far they scroll down, to understand how they use your website.. Identify navigation issues and content that doesn’t keep visitors on the website.

Click Mapping

Track clicks with a mouse and taps on a mobile device. Visually see exactly what your visitors interact with on your page while browsing your website.

Hover Mapping

Identify where your website visitors move their mouse as they browse your website. Track patterns and perceive how visitors navigate a page.

How can we help you?

We can assist you by setting up Heat Mapping for general website use, or for specific tasks such as A/B testing. We’ll discuss with you what kind of information you’re after and, with heat mapping, provide insight into what does (and what doesn’t!) work on your website, and offer suggestions for improvements and further testing.

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