Google Tag Manager: Tracking Email, Phone & Social Clicks

Google Tag Manager

If you are new to Google Tag Manager, you may be wondering what kind of useful things you can do with it. One of the simple things to set up is link-click tracking on your website, which can push events into your Google Analytics and thus be tracked as Goals & Conversions, as well as … Read the full post >

Google AdWords: Expand Your Ads With Structured Snippets

Structured Snippet Headers

One under-used feature of Google AdWords, is the Structured Snippet Ad Extension. This little known component of the Ad Extensions is surprisingly useful for certain types of ads you may use in AdWords, if promoting products or services. In a nutshell, when triggered like any other ad extension, it will expand your ad with an … Read the full post >

Google Analytics: What Goals Are and Why Should You Use Them

Featured Image for Goals

When it comes to measuring how well your website is performing, seeing how many visitors or clicks you have, just simply isn’t enough. Goals, once set up, can give you insight into individual parts of your website, and show you exactly what is going on when someone visits. Knowing what they are and how they … Read the full post >

Google Analytics: Check Performance with the Date Comparison Tool

Date Range Featured Image

Google Analytics provides you with much needed website information & data. While most of the time, you’ll be interested in your current data, how things are right now at this very moment, an entire history is kept within Google Analytics. It would be a shame to waste this information after being recorded, so what can … Read the full post >

Google Analytics: Creating A Website Remarketing List

Featured Image for Remarketing

Sometimes, when you are displaying your adverts to people, the same ones over and over will simply not do. Usually, your adverts in Google AdWords will introduce your products and services to potential customers, for the first time. This is effective, but what about the people who have already visited your site once already? It … Read the full post >

Custom Reports: 4 Reasons You Should Be Using Them

Custom Reports Featured Image

Custom Reports within Google Analytics are incredibly useful for interpreting your data from raw, meaningless numbers, into productive, valuable information. While Google Analytics has a good amount of pre-defined reports that are available all the time, these display information and data in the same format each time, unless we tweak it ourselves each and every … Read the full post >

Google AdWords Extensions: Make Your Adverts Count

Extension Feature Image

Google AdWords has a huge amount of useful features, and one of the least utilised features is Ad Extensions. You may have heard of them, or seen them as a tab within the Adwords interface, but they are only effective if you actually use them. They allow you to expand your adverts within Google, with … Read the full post >

Google Analytics Cost Analysis: Are You Spending Too Much?

Cost Analysis Featured Image

Using Google Analytics, it’s easy to be impressed when seeing your website getting high volumes of traffic, lots of conversions, and people visiting your site from all over the internet, whether it be organic, paid, social, email or other. When push comes to shove though, you need to know how much all of those channels … Read the full post >

Bi-Monthly Roundup (July 2015) – WordPress Checklists, Bing Webmaster Tools and more

Aillum News

Our July 2015 bi-monthly update from around the web is here! 10 of the best of what we’ve been reading, what we’ve found interesting, what we thought you might find interesting, and just some plain amusing, interesting and / or eye-catching stories we’ve bookmarked over the last 2 months! As always, we’ll try and keep … Read the full post >