5 Benefits of Creating and Optimising Landing Pages

Paid ads, email marketing, search engine optimisation and social media can all be digital marketing techniques that get potential customers to visit your website. Having a dedicated landing page to receive the visitors from your digital marketing campaigns is a vital step in convincing those visitors to stay on your website and convert to customers.

What is a Landing Page?

By definition, a landing page is the first page that visitors will see when they arrive on your website. This is the page that they “land” on from an external source, such as a social media platform, an email, search results or clicking through from a paid ad. Because it’s the first page to be seen, it should make the best first impression and work in favour of your business goals.

A landing page is a dedicated page that is designed to present visitors with what product or service they’re looking for and provide a pathway to completing one of your business objectives.

Landing pages will often have a singular focus. This could be a product, service or something broader such as a shopping page. They can be designed to be eye-catching and should have some kind of call to action to encourage visitors to click through and complete a purchase or make an inquiry.

Example Landing Page
An example of a landing page when searching for “laptop deals”. Note the CTAs and featured product.

They can be used to promote special deals and offers, launch new products, encourage sign-ups to an event and more. Landing pages can also be used to push a specific message to your website visitors, especially if they come from a pre-qualified source, such as an email marketing campaign.

What are the benefits of landing pages?

Proper use of landing pages can provide your online business with a variety of benefits. We’ve compiled a list of 5 to get you started as to why you should create dedicated landing pages for your website.

1. Push a specific offer or product to your visitors
Most digital marketing campaigns will have a specific focus. This could be a product or service, new product announcements, downloads, special discounts or other promotional events. You may put a lot of effort into your email marketing or paid advertising, only for a visitor to click through and end up on your homepage or a page that isn’t too relevant to what they were expecting.

However, having a dedicated landing page can support a digital marketing campaign by allowing visitors to complete their conversion journey once they reach your website. This could be by allowing them to instantly purchase a product, get a free download by registering or signing up to a mailing list, or by having a contact form directly on your landing page.

Landing Page Form Example
Landing pages can include testimonials and direct points of contact.

2. Higher conversion rates
In the world of digital marketing, relevancy is one of the most important factors when considering your audiences. By providing dedicated landing pages for each of your digital marketing campaigns, your website is guaranteed to be relevant to your visitors. By providing visitors with exactly what they’re looking for, you can then provide multiple pathways for visitors to convert such as:

  • Including calls to action
  • Highlighting special offers
  • Encouraging sign ups or registrations
  • Promoting one particular product from a range
  • Offering access to additional content

On a specific landing page these pathways can be displayed immediately at the top of the page, above the “fold”, so that visitors will always see them first without needing to scroll. Because of this, suitable landing pages have a significantly higher conversion rate than other, more general pages such as the homepage where visitors would need to navigate instead.

3. Make a great first impression
A landing page is the first page any visitor will see when visiting your website. It will make the first impression and shape how a visitor perceives your website and what you offer. This initial experience will also help a potential customer decide if they want to stay or look elsewhere for what they need.

Not only does this apply to the focus of your digital marketing campaign, but also to your company brand. Even if a visitor does decide to leave quickly, a well laid out, easy to use, eye-catching landing page will help them remember your brand and may cause them to return later. For those that choose to stay, a good user experience will help visitors complete your business objectives.

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4. Get in touch with your visitors
Why should a potential customer buy from or use your company? A clear message on a landing page can communicate to visitors and can address these questions. The message you want visitors to see can be shown in many different ways depending on how you want to deliver it, but making sure it’s included on a specific landing page will ensure it will reach the right people.

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5. Improve trust and credibility
As you are in full control of your landing page, you can decide what content you want to include. You may wish to include additional content to help build trustworthiness and showcase the reputation of your business. This can be done by including some of the following:

  • User reviews of your products
  • Company reviews of your services
  • Logos of clients that you have worked with previously
  • Testimonials of your work and performance

Directing your visitors to a landing page and having quotes ready confirming that your products and services are high quality can help convince those visitors to become customers.

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