• 5 Benefits Of Using Call-to-Actions On Your Website

    10th October 2023

    Call-To-Actions (CTAs) are an essential part of any website. They can help guide visitors to take specific actions to complete your online business goals.

    These include actions such as making a purchase of a product or service, contacting your online business, or signing up for your mailing list. Today we’ll explore the five benefits of using Call-To-Actions on your website that can boost your website performance.

    1. Encourage Visitors To Engage With Your Business

    CTAs can motivate visitors to interact and engage more deeply with your brand and services. By guiding them to take specific actions, you can encourage them to explore the products or services that are most important to you, or best represent the message of your online business and marketing.

    CTAs on the Aillum Homepage

    Some examples of Calls-to-Actions. In this case the “Find out more” buttons.

    For our own website, we have our main 3 core services on our homepage. These CTAs are designed to enable customers to quickly access our services and find out if what we offer is what they are looking for. For many different types of online business, this can help build trust and establish a relationship with potential customers.

    2. Increase Conversion Rates

    A set of well-designed CTAs can effectively convert visitors into leads or customers for your online business. When you have visitors navigating your website it’s important to help direct them to the web pages you want them to see. This is especially true if you need to provide them with a lot of information, which can obscure your regular links and navigation.

    By providing clear and compelling calls-to-action, you can encourage visitors to take the next step in their journey towards a purchase or enquiry.

    Even on text-heavy pages, a well placed CTA can help your visitors convert to full on customers.

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    3. Expand Your Email Subscriber List

    CTAs can also encourage visitors to subscribe to your email campaigns and allow you to nurture leads and build long lasting relationships with your customers, or potential customers. An email newsletter can provide valuable content, such as:

    • News about your latest products and services.
    • Special offers and promotions.
    • Exclusive offers specifically for people subscribing to your newsletter.
    • Information and content that you think would benefit your target audience.

    By introducing a CTA for your mailing list (like ours above!) it becomes easier to convince visitors to take that step for extra, beneficial content, which you can use to keep subscribers engaged and informed about your brand and services.

    4. Inform Visitors About Your Products and Services

    Emails and newsletters aside, CTAs themselves provide an opportunity to share valuable information and inform visitors about what your online business can offer. CTAs can be used to provide additional information, such as:

    • Encouraging a visitor to download a product sheet or technical manual.
    • Accessing a price list of your services, as a reward for subscribing to your content.
    • Nudging visitors towards a new product or service, or even just one you would like more sales from.
    • Directing visitors straight to an enquiry form about a specific topic, to encourage them to get in touch with you.

    By highlighting the benefits of your products or services, you can help visitors understand how they can benefit from engaging with your online business and becoming a customer.

    5. Build a Positive Reputation and Boost Word-of-Mouth Referrals

    With the vast majority of visitors using some kind of social media, using engaging CTAs can prompt visitors to share your content or recommend your online business to others. By providing social sharing buttons or referral incentives at key points on your website, you can encourage visitors to spread (positive!) words about your products or services.

    Social CTA Buttons

    Social buttons are subtle but powerful CTAs to help visitors share your content.

    While many websites (including our own) will include social links in the footer or on the homepage, social button CTAs can be included below products and allow visitors to quickly share what they like. For example, you’ll find some additional social sharing CTAs at the very end of this blog post (so be sure to click one!).

    Summing up…

    CTAs play a crucial role in guiding users through their journey on a website, increasing usability, and ultimately driving conversions and providing you with new customers. We’d recommend you review their implementation the next time you review your website.

    There are many other benefits of using CTAs that we’ve not included today, but these are the top 5 reasons we think you should be using them! By incorporating compelling CTAs, you can enhance user experience for your visitors and encourage them to fulfil the goals of your online business.

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