• Digital Marketing Roundup Q3 2021: 10 Useful articles you should read or bookmark!

    29th September 2021

    We regularly share links to useful resources across social media, in our newsletter, during training sessions and direct to clients. So we thought we’d start posting a quarterly round up of the top 10 articles we’ve found, shared or read that we recommend you go and read!

    Note: All links go to external sites. All were perfectly fine at the time of writing, but we cannot control how people change their own web pages in future!

    10 Useful Articles we found in Q3 2021

    In our third edition, our top favourite articles cover topics including Paid Ads, User Experience, Digital Marketing Insights, Keyword Research and more.

    Modified Broad Match is no longer available in Google Ads

    One of the biggest changes to keyword targeting in recent years, modified broad match keywords can no longer be created. You don’t have to do anything if you use them, but check out Google’s list of changes.

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    Improve user experience to boost your digital marketing efforts

    Help your audience achieve their goals online by improving their user experience when visiting your website. This article by Search Engine Land has a number of useful insights for you to consider from your audience’s point of view.

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    15 Tips for getting the most out of Google Trends

    Never used Google Trends for keyword research before? It’s been available for 15 years now, so Google has provided 15 top tips to get the most out of Google Trends.

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    9 Tips for creating your best SEO content this year

    The digital marketing world is always changing, so check out these 9 tips for making sure your SEO content is up to date for your audience.

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    Find out if Bing Ads or Google Ads is right for you

    Often compared as competitors, there are pros and cons for both Bing Ads (now Microsoft Ads!) and Google Ads. Find out if you should be using one over the other, or perhaps both to work together.

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    How to get more views by using keywords in YouTube videos

    This article by Moz reminds us that YouTube is ultimately a search engine. Similar to website SEO, using keyword research and using appropriate keywords in your videos will help your videos be seen more frequently in search results.

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    Pinterest users can now make money by using affiliate links

    If you already use idea pins within Pinterest, then you may be able to earn commission when a user buys through these after turning them into shoppable pins and tagging a product.

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    4 Reasons why a social media audit matters

    This excellent article from Daisia Conrad highlights the importance of performing a social media audit on your own social media so that you can understand what works, what doesn’t, and what you should be doing to grow your social media presence.

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    7 eCommerce homepage best practices to boost user experience on your website

    As the primary landing page for the majority of websites, optimising the homepage for user experience is often overlooked. Check out these 7 best practices to make your user experience better.

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    Improving page speed: Are you using the right image format?

    One of the biggest factors when a page loads is the images. Check out this article from GTmetrix that explains what the different formats are and where you should be using them on your website.

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