• Bi-Monthly Roundup (July 2015) – WordPress Checklists, Bing Webmaster Tools and more

    16th July 2015

    Our July 2015 bi-monthly update from around the web is here! 10 of the best of what we’ve been reading, what we’ve found interesting, what we thought you might find interesting, and just some plain amusing, interesting and / or eye-catching stories we’ve bookmarked over the last 2 months!

    As always, we’ll try and keep the focus on digital, but will allow ourselves to share the odd non-digital article if it at least relates to business in some shape or form.

    8 Ways to Significantly Increase Blog Engagement

    Not the usual “write better content” tips typically found on such posts about blog engagement. This post looks at comment systems, graphics, data and more. Read the article >>

    Website Health Check [Infographic]

    We all love an infographic! Particularly if it contains genuinely useful information, as this Health Check infographic does. Covers tips on tracking, coding, architecture, performance and more. Read the article >>

    The Most Shared Sites on the Web (May 2015)

    The most shared brands on the web, the most shared sites, the most shared publishers, the most shared sites on Twitter and more. Some interesting reading, though we’re personally happy to see iflscience.com up there! Read the article >>

    Killer WordPress Checklist: 101+ easy steps to launch your next website!

    Even if you don’t use WordPress for your own site, you probably know someone who does use it. It’s a massively popular CMS. If you are using it, or are going to use it, here’s 101 tips to help get you started! Read the article >>

    7 Office Culture Fundamentals That Are Becoming Obsolete

    OK, so this one isn’t digital related, but we think digital / online / internet is a big reason for a number of these fundamentals becoming obsolete. How many have changed for you? Read the article >>

    The Importance of Listening to Google

    Google isn’t all bad, as some would believe. Rarely do they change anything without some form of hint or pre-warning. This article contains some examples of indicators in the build up to Panda, Penguin and #Mobilegeddon updates. Read the article >>

    The Ultimate Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools

    We talk a lot about Google Webmaster Tools. We pretty much force it on anyone when we get the chance (it’s free, and it’s useful!), both through general chat and through our Analytics training sessions. Did you know Bing has a similar tool? This is a nice article running though all you need to know about it. Read the article >>

    Five horrific digital marketing disasters

    We regularly hear of horror stories from around the web, with badly timed campaigns, unfortunate content placements and so on. We stumbled upon this and it made us smile. From a reality check of Groupon, to badly timed tweets, this is worth a read. Read the article >>

    Business Lessons From Game Of Thrones

    Game of Thrones. If you’ve not heard of it, you’ve been on another planet for some time now. Whether you like it or not, is completely up to you. However, we found this both amusing and interesting, and definitely worth a read. Read the article >>

    To Understand Code, Don’t Read 38,000 Words. Just Start Coding.

    A lot of chat just now about getting youngsters into coding (my son has started, he’s 7). So what is code? Some people think it takes a 38,000 word essay to explain. Others prefer to just jump in and find out by using it. This is a post from the latter to the former. Read the article >>

    What Have You Been Reading?

    As much as we like sharing, we like listening too. What interesting things have you read around the web recently? Let us know in the comments below if there is something you would like us to read.

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