Delivering Google Analytics Training at New Start Scotland and 29 Socially

If you’re a startup business, a young business or a business looking to grow, you’ll no doubt be aware of the various events organised to help provide you with information on a range of topics, from getting to grips with Social Media and online marketing, to sourcing useful tools such as those for online accountancy.

Two such events took place in Glasgow over October and November and Aillum was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to speak at both, delivering tips, advice and basic training on Google Analytics to a number of local companies and individuals.

During each event, we met a number of companies covering the full spectrum of Web Analytics usage, from those who hadn’t started, to those who had the tracking code on their website but rarely logged in to monitor user behaviours. There was a handful of people who said they regularly used Analytics, but the general usage trend followed the same trend that we experience day to day – that most people simply haven’t scraped the surface of their Google Analytics accounts.

Hopefully we’ve encouraged some of the 100 or so people we spoke to over these events to start using their Google Analytics account a little more!

New Start Scotland

An annual 2 day event held at the SECC, New Start Scotland is the ideal place for small business owners to visit. Even the bigger companies could have picked up a tip or two at some of the many seminars and workshops run across the 2 days. Speakers included well known figures such as Sir Tom Farmer, Brad Burton and Dr Jim Hamill, while Workshops covered a range of topics from tips on LinkedIn, Branding and Digital Marketing, through to advice on all things Cloud, Terms & Conditions and Video related.

Aillum delivered a 45 workshop on each of the 2 days, titled “10 Top Tips to help you get started with Google Analytics”. The purpose of our workshop was to help those who wanted to use Analytics, but simply didn’t know where to start. From filtering IP addresses and using Annotations, to using Advanced Segments and analysing mobile performance, we provided a range of suggestions on improved admin, better setup and useful reports.

To ensure we helped attendees overcome any barriers on where to start, we also gave away copies of our custom report templates, advanced segment template and dashboard template, for them to use on their own Google Analytics account.

#29Socially – The Google Evening

Part of a series of events run by Thea Newcomb at 29 Glasgow, Aillum was given the chance to talk Google Analytics for 10-15 minutes to an audience of local business. Hard to squeeze all the benefits of Google Analytics into a 10 minute talk, so we decided to give a very quick overview of the tool, followed by giving 3 very actionable tasks that all users could carry out on their own accounts, to provide a better view of existing data.

Again, we offered to share our custom templates, which many people took us up on.

As well as delivering tips ourselves, we also learned a lot from the two talks that followed. Directly after us was a 10-15 minute run through of top usage tips for Google Plus, and a 10-15 minute overview of the potential impact of YouTube if used properly. All very interesting!

Did you get your free templates?

If you were at any of our talks, and haven’t asked for your free templates for the custom reports, advanced segments and dashboard used in our training presentations, get in touch with us now and we’ll send them out!

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