• The Running / Cycling Challenge for Charity

    23rd April 2012

    I’m not normally one who’d abuse my contact list or business social channels for non-business benefits, but hopefully by the time you read this you’ll not be to offended that I’m doing it just now.

    Up until a couple of years ago I was not a runner. Probably fair to say that I’m still not really any sort of athlete, despite gradually increasing the races I take part in each year.

    I started off 2 years ago running the Mens Health 10k and the Paisley 10k, followed up last year by re-running the Mens Health 10k and taking part in the Glasgow Half Marathon. I also managed to lose almost 2st in weight last year to allow myself more confidence to take part in several more events this year.

    The result: I’ve now found myself signed up this year to take part in 7 different events covering over 90 miles (almost 150k).

    The events begin in May when I’ll be starting a series of five 10k races (1 per week for 5 weeks), followed in September (over 2 consecutive Sundays) with the Glasgow Half Marathon and a 50 mile cycle between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    This might not seem a lot to the highly athletic amongst you, but believe me, it’s a lot for me!

    This is all being done to raise money for SNAC – The Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children. A condition which my 7yr old niece has already been diagnosed.

    Would you like to sponsor me?

    I’ve been raising money now since back in February and, with a combination of online and offline donations, I’ve so far raised just over £1,500 (at time of writing) despite an initial target of just £500. The target has been increased to £2k, which I’m hopeful I can achieve.

    If anyone would like to sponsor me, it would be greatly appreciated. Probably the best method of sponsorship is online via my Just Giving Page: http://www.justgiving.com/brian-tait

    If anyone does go on and sponsor me, then a HUGE thank you to you!

    Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

    Brian (http://twitter.com/taitbw)

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