Tip 02 of 31: Optimise your Headlines using Headline Analyzer

Our second tip looks at trying to reduce website Bounce Rates and increase Click Through Rates from marketing emails, social posts, ads and more by optimising your headlines.

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What do we mean by “headlines”?

When we refer to headlines, we’re talking about the first line people see when reading or engaging with your content. That could be a blog post headline, a homepage headline, a product or service title, a subject line on an email, the first line of a paid advert, the first line of a social post.

Why is headline text so important?

That first line can have a huge impact on Click Through Rates and Bounce Rates, and it’s a pretty simple thing to address … but often is secondary to the main bulk of content i.e. you spend a while creating the mailshot content or blog content, making it look good and at the very end you quickly put in a headline or subject line.

A strong first line can encourage opens of emails, let people know they’ve landed on the correct page, and even catch attention as users scroll through their social channels.

Using Headline Analyzer

There are plenty of tools out there to help create content, but one of our favourites is Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule. It’s free to use!

Headline Analyzer from CoShedule
Headline Analyzer from CoShedule. Type in a headline to get started!

Headline Analyser offers several insights about your headline text, but the key feature (for us) is the score out of 100.

Typing in a headline and getting a score of 30/100 isn’t a good feeling. It makes you rethink the headline, reword it and try again. Second time around you might score 60/100, and so on.

Headline Analyzer Scores
Test and try headlines and get a score out of 100

Aside from the score, Headline Analyzer offers tips on how to improve your headline, including:

  • Balance of emotional, common, uncommon and power words used in your headline
  • Analysis of length (words and characters)
  • First & Last words analysis for those who skim read
  • Sentiment value

So before you send your next mailshot, or write your next blog title, or first line in a social post or paid ad, run it through Headline Analyzer and see if you can improve your score!

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Optimise your headlines using Headline Analyzer

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