• Tip 31 of 31 – Write Scripts and Get Started with Video (and Bloopers!)!

    31st July 2020

    A lot of businesses we meet are still put off creating video. They think it’s expensive, complicated and time consuming. Tip 31 is all about creating scripts to help you practice your videos and to get you started. We also demonstrate that nobody is perfect (yes, this one has a blooper reel!).

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    Why should you create video?

    Video works. Video makes it easier to get a message across. Video allows you to talk, use body language and display emotion as you present that message. It engages people.

    It also has the added benefit of making your website and social posts more interesting, as well as allowing you to open a YouTube channel and possibly widen your potential for ranking in search engines.

    Platforms today love video content.

    Of course, video for the sake of video is not what we’re talking about. It still has to have a goal, be thought out and of reasonable quality.

    In the past video may have been pricey to produce but these days it’s very inexpensive to get started. With just a smartphone and a video editing app you can try your hand at making your own video content for your website.

    Start with a Video Script

    Something we found useful early on was writing out a script. Jumping in and starting a recording is possible, but having a script to follow keeps you focused.

    You’ll probably veer off the script at times, but having rehearsed several times beforehand, you’ll hopefully at least stick to the general theme or topic.

    A general guide to producing a script:

    • Brainstorm the topics you’d like to discuss in your video.
    • Decide whether there’s enough / too much content, or whether you need multiple videos.
    • Bullet point 2-3 specific points about the chosen topic.
    • Write a short paragraph for each of those bullet points.
    • Write an intro / outro to top and tail your bullet point content.

    It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it will help you refine what you’re going to discuss in the video beforehand, without having to continually reshoot.

    You might even find you get to the point of recording in one take!

    Don’t worry … jump in and get started … nobody is perfect at it!

    To put your mind at ease, we thought it worth stating that nobody is perfect at this. Everyone makes mistakes. To demonstrate this, we’ve included our own “blooper reel” in the video above!

    We’ve included 31 videos in our series, but there have been multiple times more recordings with mistakes in them!

    Practice, practice, practice … but make it easier by writing a script to follow!

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