• Merry Christmas From Aillum

    25th December 2019

    Festive greetings to you! We’ve had a very busy year here at Aillum, with a lot of exciting events and happenings that we’ve been involved with. We have thoroughly enjoyed 2019 and are looking forward to continuing making digital accountable and helping you grow your online business in the years to come.

    Aillum in 2019

    We aim to improve digital performance and this involves looking at a lot of different areas for data. This includes analytics, website design, organic search, paid ads, social channels, tracking setup and more. However we don’t build websites or focus solely on search engine optimisation (SEO) and we’re not social media wizards. We use as much information as possible across all of these channels to make your digital performance better. So starting this year we’ve been working hard on improving and tidying up our services like digital Analysis & Improvement and Google Analytics Training.

    We have also restructured our services to make them more accessible to everyone, such as launching our new 1 Day Assessment. This is a commitment-free assessment where we’ll help you evaluate the effectiveness of your digital activities and how they can be improved to contribute more to your online business.

    We are now producing our own videos on YouTube with hints and tips and there are plenty of bloopers in doing so and we are enjoying it! We’ll be looking to be making more videos more frequently in the future, so do check out our YouTube Channel and subscribe if you are interested in online digital information and tips, and you’ll be able to watch the videos as we create them.

    We’ve been working closely this year with the Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce and have been making use of both their business mentoring to expand on our own services as well as business network opportunities. We were also shortlisted again this year for the ROCCO awards and won in the category of Outstanding Performing Business with 5 or fewer employees.

    Rocco Award Aillum

    Our lovely wee award from the ROCCOs in 2019.

    It was a fantastic night and very enjoyable with Fred MacAulay hosting it once again at the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew. We had been shortlisted before in 2018, so it was a treat to win the award this time around. Thank you to everyone who participated this year and we hope to see you again next year!

    Brian & Emma representing Aillum at the ROCCOs

    Enjoying our night at the ROCCOs.

    Looking towards 2020

    As things wind down for the festive season with Christmas fast approaching, we are refining our current plans for 2020. We have quite a few things planned already for the new year and have a list of videos that we’re looking to make each month, along with regular (and perhaps even more frequently) blog posts that we think you would find useful.

    We’re also looking to continue expanding and adding to our existing services, to help you grow your online business in a way that is suitable and relevant to your own needs. Our ultimate goal is to get you set up and taught how to manage your own data as painlessly as possible. So as we look to help you improve your online business, we are also looking at ways to improve ourselves to make this as easy as possible for you in the future. Remember and sign up to our newsletter for the latest news and happenings!

    For now though it’s Christmas and those mince pies aren’t going to eat themselves. So from all 3 of us here at Aillum, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and the best of luck in 2020 with your digital efforts!

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