• Tip 21 of 31: Invest in your Core Marketing skills, and always have a plan!

    21st July 2020

    Smartphones & apps offer huge opportunity, but have they replaced your marketing department and team? In tip 21, Lesley Wood offers some of her time to discuss the importance of really investing in your core marketing skills, developing a marketing plan and not relying solely on smartphone apps.

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    The importance of Core Marketing Skills and Plans

    In tip 21, Lesley discusses how some have moved from having teams, collaborations and contributions from others, to trying to do most things on their own using smartphones and apps, stating:

    “I think there is a lot to be said for having a look at your own skill set, understanding what it is you can do and are comfortable with, and then actually having to put your hands in your pocket and say you know what I might buy in photography.”

    “Or I might initially buy in some quality photography to get me through this initial phase in my business. Or if it is for a particular campaign or a brand new product, saying you know it’s actually worth investing in another person, another brain to come and collaborate with me. I think a lot of us are missing that now.”

    “My tip is about the marketing department in your pocket. Which I think is our biggest opportunity and our biggest threat today.”

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