Q1 Roundup: 10 Useful Digital Marketing articles you should read or bookmark!

We regularly share links to useful resources across social media, in our newsletter, during training sessions and direct to clients. So we thought we’d start posting a quarterly round up of the top 10 articles we’ve found, shared or read that we recommend you go and read!

10 Useful Digital Marketing Articles we found in Q1 2021

In our first edition, our top favourite articles cover YouTube SEO, Paid Ads myths, increasing conversions, Digital Marketing insights and more.

Note: All links go to external sites. All were perfectly fine at time of writing, but we cannot control how people change their own web pages in future!

How long does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) take?

We’re often asked this very question. We could reply with “well, how long is a bit of string”, but now we can direct people to this article on Databox, where almost 40 marketing pros share their expert opinion on the very topic!
Read more: https://databox.com/how-long-does-seo-take


Social Media Image Sizes 2021: Cheat Sheet for Every Network

Tired of confusing your Instagram post dimensions with your LinkedIn profile dimensions? This article from Hootsuite provides the latest image sizes for logos, cover photos, profile pictures, ads and more across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more!

Read more: https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-image-sizes-guide/


4 proven ways to increase conversions, including case studies

Direct from a tool we use ourselves at Aillum, Hotjar offers some ideas on how to improve conversions, stating that “when you shift your mindset from revenue-centric to user-centric, that is when conversions happen”. An interesting read!

Read more: https://www.hotjar.com/blog/increase-conversions/


Managing your Google Ads campaigns through COVID-19

An excellent resource launched by Google to offer Google Ads users loads of tips and advice on managing campaigns through COVID-19.

Read more: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9790909


CoSchedule Launches Headline Studio, upgrading Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer was one of our favourite tools. Simple to use and great for improving headlines. We mention it a lot in our training sessions, and it even featured as tip 02 in our popular 31 Digital Marketing Tips series in 2020.

They’ve now upgraded to Headline Studio, and it’s great fun to use! Improve your headlines now!

Read more: https://coschedule.com/press/coschedule-launches-headline-studio-to-help-marketers-write-their-best-headlines/


YouTube SEO for Beginners: 10 Best Practices to Get You Started

Trying to grow your YouTube channel audience? This articles offers 10 tips to start growing the organic reach of your videos.

Read more: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/youtube-seo-for-beginners-best-practices-to-get-started/388392/


Digital 2021: the latest insights into the ‘state of digital’

This is simply an absolute treasure trove of information! It’s a fascinating read across 300 slides. Insights covered include global demographics of digital use, behaviours, most visited websites, market shares plus metrics on specific digital marketing channels.

Read more: https://wearesocial.com/blog/2021/01/digital-2021-the-latest-insights-into-the-state-of-digital


Search Console Index Coverage Data Improvements

A techy one, but worth a read if you’re using Search Console (if you’re not using Search Console, you should start!). Google have updated the information provided in their Search Console coverage report, to help you better understand the issues that might prevent Google from crawling and indexing your pages.

Read more: https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2021/01/index-coverage-data-improvements?hl=en


Duplicate content: Causes and solutions

Another excellent read. “Duplicate Content” is mentioned a lot within the context of SEO, but site owners often don’t understand what can cause it. It’s not always deliberate! This article from Yoast offers some great insights into some of the causes.

Read more: https://yoast.com/duplicate-content/


4 PPC Myths To Let Go for Paid Search Success

We love a good myth. Whether it’s SEO, Paid Ads, or anything digital related. It’s always good to hear how others view certain decisions and behaviours. This article is particularly good at putting to bed some common myths around Paid Ads:

Read more: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/ppc-myths-paid-search-success/392471/


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