A PPC Audit sounds technical, but it isn’t. It can actually be very quick and convenient way for Paid Search account owners to get a second opinion of their existing account. It can very often be the starting point for significant performance improvement.

Some people call it a PPC Review, some a PPC Checkup and others a Paid Search Health Check. We call it an Audit. They all describe the same process of checking the level of setup and performance of your current account.

Our 10 point PPC Checklist

While most companies will be using Google Adwords, our Paid Search audit works on various PPC platforms (as well as Google AdWords). It’s a fairly simple process that allows us to provide you an overview of current setup, looking at areas of concern, areas of poor optimisation, areas of good optimisation and so on.

We appreciate that some companies will want to take our audit and try to improve performance themselves, while others may want us to help. We’re happy with both.

We limit the audit to 10 of the more important factors of a PPC Campaign. This is to ensure that we can action any quick wins where possible and quickly develop an ongoing action plan with you. Equally, it means there is less chance of “information overload” on your part, if you choose to go it alone.

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