• The upside to Poor Weather? A New Facebook Page and Newsletter Signup

    3rd December 2010

    While we suffered like many this week with cancelled meetings and cancelled events, we chose to be pro-active with our unplanned ‘free’ time and set to work on some long overdue projects of our own.

    You know exactly the sort of projects we mean. Those that are really not important in comparison to client work, but that scream out of your ‘to-do’ list every day because they’ve been there so long.

    Yes, those sorts of projects!

    As a result of the unplanned time to focus on such projects, we’re now delighted to say that we’ve launched two new company communication channels this week, improving your opportunity to keep up-to-date with Aillum related news while reducing any reason we might have had for poor communication (not that we’ve been accused of that yet, I might add!).


    Yes, we’re finally there. Having already helped a number of clients with their Facebook channels, we’ve finally managed to spend time on our own. We’ll use it to post blog updates, to highlight websites we think are worth a read and to pre-warn of our intention to visit specific events so that existing and potential clients know where we’ll be and can arrange a chat if wanted.

    Visit the Facebook Page and ‘Like’ it to keep up-to-date >


    Not everyone is a fan of blogs and social media, so we’ve added a newsletter signup to our website. We won’t be bombarding you with emails, but will aim to send an update every 2-3 months with news on client wins, news on company happenings, news from our clients and more.

    The Newsletter signup is on the left of this page, so feel free to register!

    For those who didn’t already know, you can also already follow the company Twitter account (http://twitter.com/aillum) or, if you’d prefer, follow the Twitter account of Brian, the company founder and owner (http://twitter.com/taitbw).

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